La Delizia

La Deli kesz sm

They make scrumptious biscuits, sweet and salty… also one can find gluten free products and cakes and biscuits for the ones suffering from food tolerance, you do not have to say no to the temptation. 

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Napfényes Vegan Restaurant and Patisserie

Napfenyes Etterem sm

They only use vegetal ingredients to create these tasty and healthy dishes. This restaurant is the top vegan restaurant in Hungary. We took many meat lover guests there and they all had a positive experience and planned to go back again.  

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Igen Italia

Igen sm

Oh Igen! Igen simply means yes in Hungarian so the name of the restaurant translates into Yes Italy! It is a “slice bar" at MAdach square where they use real Italian ingredients and leaven the pizza dough for 16 hours and they follow the principle that “ simple is always the best” they put the toppings on and then place the pizza into a wood fire oven and then they bake it for 90 seconds on 450 degrees. 

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Nándori Patisserie

Nandori sm

The family opened their first patisserie in 1957. The current owner used to sell ice cream as a child here every summer and today he is the owner of the patisserie. They have won the title of the Country’s diabetic cake contest’s first prize the last three years in a row. 

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Butter Brothers Bakery

Butter Brothers sm

The brothers, Laszlo and Gergo who own the place decided to give up their original professions and open a bakery and what a great decision it was! Arriving at the shop there is a nice atmosphere welcoming us and the baked goods, salty and sweet … equally delicious. They have different pastries every single day and also seasonal things, they create something super tasty using their great creativity! 

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Hadik Café – Classical and Modern literary coffee house

Café Hadik
For more than 30 years the building was functioning as a coffee house at the beginning of the 20th century several great figures of the Hungarian literature spent a lot of time here as permanent customers. Probably the most know was Frigyes Karinthy whom spent most of his time here writing. His work periods later were named after the coffee houses where he created them, for example the Hadik era, Central era, New York era.

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