The art novueau masterpiece - The Hungarian Music Academy

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The house of Hungarian geniuses - the most famous and talented architectures worked on the "Hungarian temple of music". It is one of the most beautiful art novueau building of Budapest with one of the biggest organ of the world and concerthall inside. 

A little bit about it

This world famous institution was founded in 1857 and can be found on Andrassy Avenue.
It started functioning in the building known as the “old academy” Under the presidency of Ferenc Liszt and the direction of Ferenc Erkel.

At the beginning of the 20th century more and more students started to learn music here and they created more faculties too because of all these the building got too small and they decided to build a new one. The new building opened its gates in May, 1907.

The building is a real Hungaricum and was created by young architects and artists. Its glass windows were designed by Miksa Roth and its walls are covered with the masterpieces of Vilmos Zsolnay, Aladar Kirsch Korosfoi and Alajos Strobl.

It got renovated in 2011 and now it has its old glory again!

The quality of the renovation was awarded in 2015 with the Europa Nostra award. The halls of the Academy have had unique acoustics for the last 200 years and in them they teach and most of them are available for the audience as an open concert hall. There are not many universities in the world where the university also functions as a concert hall at the same time.

Why is this building so special and unique?

  • This was Hungary’s first building built with reinforced concrete which in 1907 was revolutionary

  • We can find more than 5000 square meters of decoration in the building

  • More than 400 square meters is covered with Zsolnay ceramics

  • For the upholstery of all the chairs and for all the curtains in the Saloon, they used 460 square meters of velvet

  • During the renovation only Hungarian products were used

  • The organ in the Saloon is so enormous that there are only two such organs in the world besides this one, one of them is at the Yale university and the other is in the Conservatory of Tchaikovsky in Moscow


icon infoOn the Liszt Ferenc square, near to Oktogon


1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 8.

How to get there?

Take the tram Nr. 4/6 till Oktogon, and walk few minutes to the Liszt Ferenc square.

Opening hours

There are guided tours every Friday in Hungarian at 13:30 and in English every day at 13:30

The tours are 50 minutes long and the tour include the ground hall, the upstairs hall and Saloon and also the Solti room.

Entrance fee

Hungarian guided tour 1500 huf/ person (50 % discount for students and pensioners)

English guided tour 3500 huf/ person (50 % discount for students and pensioners)

You do not need to book, tickets are being sold before the tour at the Academy’s counter.

icon sziv2 Our secret tip:  Be part of the amazing experience of the unique acoustics there are free tickets available from September till May. For more information call us or visit the List Academy’s website