Café Hadik
For more than 30 years the building was functioning as a coffee house at the beginning of the 20th century several great figures of the Hungarian literature spent a lot of time here as permanent customers. Probably the most know was Frigyes Karinthy whom spent most of his time here writing. His work periods later were named after the coffee houses where he created them, for example the Hadik era, Central era, New York era.

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Book Café
A pearl of Art Noveau, a pioneer

The Paris Grand Department Store was the first in everything in every way and aspect:

The first Ferro concrete building of the country * This is where they used a very strict fire protection plan for the very first time * The building had its own cooling and heating system with its own generating station * It had a covered glass court and elevators were carrying the customers * There was a built in telephone system in the whole building * On the roof there was a gazebo and in winters there was a functioning ice skate rank

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Café Centrál

Mister Seemann who used to be a very well know figure of coffee at Andrassy way. had decorated the Central cafe more than 130 years ago.

The guests could spend their leisure time in 8 chambers and it also had two gaming rooms a coffee kitchen and a cloakroom. Some of the contemporary pieces were taken under protection and they can be still visited… such as the old wainscoting, staircase, lamp brackets.

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Café New York

Keeping tradition in literature, art and gastronomy between the historical walls of the most beautiful cafe of the world.

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Both of them! The two cities both have the right to call themselves the city of cafes since on the turn of the 19th and 20th century they both had about 600(!) cafes.

The two cities’ coffee culture is very similar to one another to both of the cities the Turks brought the coffee in and mad it popular amongst the citizens, under the thraldom of the Turks Budapest became the leading one with its cafes here in Hungary cafes presented the perfect place for our famous writers and great figures of Hungarian literature. Cafes were the cultural cribs of Budapest

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