About Us

The Boulevard City Guesthouse is a family runned small guesthouse in the 9th district of Budapest, near to the Danube. Our rooms are located on the upper floors of a residential building.

Our excellent location makes us perfect starting point for exploring the city. The city centre can be reached within 15 minutes walking distance.

We offer wide range of room types with different size and equipment.

Our team

a bcg team modli ilonaIlona Módli

Owner and general manager of the guesthouse

She is the guarantee of the smooth and long-term operation of the guesthouse. Her job is her passion. She has actively worked in the tourism business for more than 40 years. She is boundlessly proud of our capital, and is happy to share her knowledge about Budapest.  She enthusiastically gives you tips what is worth to see in our beautiful capital.

bcg team jermendy laszlo 2László Jermendy

Owner of the guesthouse

As an engineer he is responsible for the good technical condition of the guesthouse and for the resupply of our resources. We admire him because of his very fast and efficient transactions.



They are the first who you meet in our guesthouse. As an open-minded persons they easily make connection to everyone. They do their best to reach our guest's satisfaction.


Our rooms are getting clean and tidy thanks to her accurate, effective motions. She is always optimistic, we are happy to have her in our team.


 Our story

The beginning - Where is the idea from?

Ilona as the owner of one of the biggest incoming travel agency visited  international tourism fairs in the second half of the 90s on a regular basis. As she looked for cosy, friendly accommodation in Austria and Sweden, she found guesthouses which have been operated as part of a residential building. She liked the idea very much, but she did not take any actions yet, she only kept the idea in mind.

Why exactly this location?

The renewal and renovation works of the 9th district’s old buildings has been started in the 90s already. Once in the late 90s Ilona walked in this part of the city and noticed our building. Her first thought was: this building would be perfect for a guesthouse and the saved idea came in her mind. She listened to her instincts and asked if there is still a flat to buy, and it was. The first 2 apartments has been bought. Our first guests were Dutch tourists who still like our guesthouse nowadays as well.

Investment and development

Ilona was always understanding and feeling the trends during the many years in the tourism sector, she learnt to add some speciality to the trends to make them really unique. She was motivated by her feelings and instincts  to buy more and more apartments, and build our cosy, breakfast room too.

From 2008 is this number of rooms for our proposal which we have now.